DSS landlord insurance

DSS tenants are simply people looking for a safe and secure home like anyone else – but their rent is paid for by housing benefit.
You will often see property adverts stating that landlords will not take those claiming housing benefit, but for others the guarantee of a monthly rent paid for by a government body is an attractive option.
The way housing benefit is paid could change once the introduction of Universal Credit is rolled out fully, but until then DSS tenants are otherwise pretty much like any other. Accommodating strangers when renting out your investment always involves an element of risk, and this is where DSS landlord insurance can help.
Taking out insurance to specifically cover tenants who are claiming housing benefit will therefore ensure that, should your tenants prove “difficult”, damage the property, engage in non-payment or late payment of rent, or if they struggle to maintain the property, you will be covered.
As with any insurance, DSS specific landlord insurance also allows you to add on parts of cover specific to your individual situation. Additional rent guarantee means that, if a property is left empty the rent will still get paid, for example, and property owners liability covers you if a third party gets injured whilst visiting your property and looks to pursue a claim for damages.
DSS tenants may also have young children living in a house, and this is where landlord insurance really comes into its own. If there is an issue with the building, such as a leaking roof or damage to a window, your insurance should cover all the costs involved.
With DSS landlord insurance you are also able to add on legal cover. This part of the policy can come in handy if tenants refuse to leave a property or are withholding payment for any reason. You will be able to claim legal expenses to evict the tenants, and also reclaim monies due to paid to you.
DSS tenants are just like any other tenants – but who may have found themselves on hard times, are maybe looking for a new job or have had to leave a job due to long term illness. Either way, they can be great tenants who can turn into long term lets for your property and look after their home as if it is their own.
As a landlord, as long as you have the right DSS landlord insurance in place, you can therefore rest easy that you are covered for any eventuality involving your rental property either way, ensuring a safe and happy home for all.
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If you have a mortgage on your property it's very likely that your lender will require you to take out insurance before you take on tenants.