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Whether you're an accidental, professional or part time landlord, Protect Your Bricks can help.
Why Protect Your Bricks?
Protect Your Bricks is the first independent landlord insurance comparison service in the UK. Our service allows you to compare multiple brands based on the cover provided – including rental guarantee, legal expenses and property owner's liability. We have a range of policies to suit your requirements, and at a range of prices, giving you the peace of mind that you have found the right policy for your needs.

So whether you're a seasoned landlord, renting a secondary home to supplement your income, or have taken on the role accidentally through inheritance or marriage, you need to protect your interests. Even though there are stringent checks in place to protect you and your property, accidents do still happen so it's essential that you get the right cover in place, should you need to make a claim.

We work with a range of trusted insurance providers and financial service providers to help you decide which level of cover is best for you, before guiding you through the buying process to secure your cover and ensure total peace of mind, all free of charge.

Protect Your Bricks was launched in March 2018 by Comparison Creator, the same team who launched Protect Your Gadget - the UK's first gadget insurance comparison service. Our mission is to provide our customers with a complete and impartial service across a range of insurance products. Our expertise in the insurance industry – particularly in insurance comparison – is second to none. We understand that buying insurance is no one's favourite past time so we aim to make the process as easy and as seamless as possible.
Knowledge base
Protect Your Bricks is all about giving you choice and knowledge. The choice of the kind of insurance you need, at a price you can afford which suits you and your property. Navigating the world of landlords and letting can be daunting at the best of times, that's why we've also included lots of guides and knowledge for you. Here you will find information on everything from how to make a claim, what legal cover offers you and a glossary on popular terms in the world of landlords. Our knowledge base will help give you a clear path to easy property management.